Aromamizer Titan flavor build for postless deck

Hi there,

I'm new to the Aromamizer Titan. So far I'm very happy with it.
Cloud production and liquid flow is really good. Build deck is quite big and the lego style deck give lots of option.

However here is the problem:
I couldn't get any good flavor from the postless deck. Haven't tried the other deck options yet.

My recent build is a dual clapton 9 wicks, 3.5mm inner diameter.
Although I did a dual dragon skin 6 wicks (spaced), 4mm inner diameter.
Both builds I consider rather big, vapor production is really good, however taste is not good.
Although the cotton is really wet, it tastes dry or bit burned.

I tried several mod options e.g. series/parallel mech box, regulated box up to 200w etc., no difference at all.
I can't get rid of the burned taste.

I know my builds are not fancy but in general they taste quite good. However this is my first tank since many years, I'm just used to RDAs.

Maybe you guys can put me in the right direction for a good flavor build for this thingy?


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