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Beginner Vaper Tutorial: How to Fill Your Vape Tank


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Hi guys,

This Post we want to discuss Beginner Vaper Tutorial: How to Fill Your Vape Tank.
Here we go Vaping Tour.

#1 step of Fill up vape tank
First of all, you should make sure two things before fill up your Vape tank.
Remove tank from battery.
Remove mouthpiece from Vape tank.
Tank style atomizers contain a central tube that runs from the coil up to the mouthpiece. While filling up the tank, tilt it a bit to ensure that central tube is empty.

#2 step of Fill up vape tank
Tilt tank.
When you tilt the tank, liquid runs down the inside of the glass or plastic of your tank.

#3 step of Fill up vape tank
Pour e-liquid inside Vape tank.
This keeps central tube away from coming in contact with e-liquid.

#4 step of Fill up vape tank
Pour e-liquid to top mL marking at most.
As that tank fills up, gradually straighten the tank to avoid spills.
Then, Screw-on mouthpiece before vaping.

Learn more detail how to fill vape tank at

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