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Big drop reported in vaping by U.S. teenagers


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I wonder how much damage lying to teens about the real cause of EVALI did to adult smokers looking for alternatives.

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True but lying is not the only reason that many smokers do not switch to vape.

One thing is that is is far more complicated than just lighting up and cig, smoking it and tossing it.
No worries about your cigs leaking in your pocket. Can keep smoking hands free, Cigs available virtually everywhere and for the bummers.... etc.

And for a 1-2 PAD smoker cheaper than disposables and pods in some parts of the country.
Had I kept on with prefilled cartos it would have cost me more than smoking.

Then the unknown aspect of vaping. Which could have been mitigated somewhat if the medical leaders here had promoted it as a safer alternative to smoking as in the UK.

But there still would be holdouts..

Just glad I was able to work thru the allergic reaction aspect and keep on vaping.
However had the juice that came in the prefilled cartos that I started with caused my allergic reaction I would have tossed em and been very anti vaping for good reason.
But by seeing that it would work for quitting smoking and realizing that not all ejuice gave me grief...

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