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Bold Vape International - Are you "Bold" enough to switch?


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VU Vendor
Are you “bold” enough to take up the challenge?

Bold Vape is a new branding by Bailide technology created in 2020 with the main purpose of providing the tools and advice to smokers to quit their smoking habit and live a healthier life.

About Bold Vape
With the aim of combining advanced technology, creativity and top quality to create the finest vape quality products in the world.

Bold Lite Series
The latest product line up by Bold Vape is a close pod system that includes a rechargeable kit and 5 pods in each combo pack. Bold lite not only comes with an affordable price tag, it also promised a wide range of appetizing flavors for you to choose from. Based on current retailer price comparisons, a similar setup will cost thrice as much!

Our Aim
To encourage more smoker to switch to vaping without paying a hefty price tag and yet can enjoy a safe vaping experience.

Email us at [email protected]
More details can be found on our website, youtube or fanpage channel..

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I have been using the lite kit product since last month. I loved its rechargeable battery (550mah) and also it leaves a great feeling. Never bad for my throat or too cloudy. Just the perfect one every vaper would love.

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