Boss piglet... always firing


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I hate to be the dude that starts a thread, "hey, I have a problem", but, I've got this boss piglet, that worked great for a long time, and then one day while I was driving, it just started firing on its own, constantly.

So I'm curious if anyone has had this problem, or is very familiar with the build of this mod. I've disassembled and reassembled it a couple times now, and can't figure out whats up, although a couple things seem to be clearly wrong.
20191129_191705.png 20191129_192534.png 20191129_192634.png
I feel like I may be missing a part, and something seems to be wrong with the button now. The button used to press farther in, and now there is barely any play in it, and I can't figure out how to correct it.
If anyone has any answers, that'd be kickass. If I do end up figuring it out, I'll post my solution for anyone else dealing with the same issue. Thanks. I'd love to have this thing working again.20191129_193803.png

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