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Brazil plans to establish new vape policy

The project on regulating the production, sales and promotion of vapes is one of the eight topics being considered by the Comissão de Assuntos Econômicos. It is reported that the project will be scheduled for 10 a.m. March 12 held at the meeting.

Senator Soraya Thronicke submitted Proposal PL 5.008/2023 in 2023. The proposal allows the production, import, export, sale and use of vape devices nationwide. Regulation of tobacco products in Brazil is currently the responsibility of the Anvisa. It passed Resolution 46 in 2009 banning the sale, import and promotion of these products.

The proposal defines vapes, nicotine management systems and other categories of products. Besides, the proposal requires that, among a series of conditions that allow the manufacture, import, export and sale of products, the products must be registered with Anvisa, the Federal Tax Service and the Inmetro. And, also need to indicate the applicable safety of vapes properties. These safety properties include power charging and battery specifications.

Also, the proposal stipulates that registration applications submitted to Anvisa must have toxicological assessment report of the vape. Anvisa will evaluate information such as additives and materials used in the device. And they will also evaluate the toxicity comparison of vapes with traditional cigarettes. What's more, they will conduct a detailed study on whether the potential health risks of vapes is lower than cigarettes.

Besides, vape devices with wireless communications also need to register with the Anatel. In this case, the agency must also establish appropriate regulations regarding the safety and reliability of vapes. Such as the use of Bluetooth or other similar wireless technologies.

Thronicke points out that although vapes sale has been banned in Brazil since 2009, vapes has become a reality. The 2019 National Health Survey showed that 16.8% of teenagers over 13 years old have tried vapes. And, 70% of users are between 15 and 24 years old.

Currently, a report on the proposal has not yet been submitted.

Resource: Comissão analisa regulamentação de cigarros eletrônicos na 3ª feira

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