Buyer Guide : How to Pick Up a Right Vape Setup


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This article will share some suggestion on how to pick up a right vape kits : For Newbie or portable kit lovers,buy Smoant Knight V2 Kit,For all in one lovers, buy IJOY RDTA BOX 200W,for heavy smok,then buy Wismec RX2/3 + IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic,see more details below.

1.Smoant Knight V2 80W TC Starter Kit

This is a super pocketable single 18650 kit and was big welcomed in the market and Knight V2 80W Kit was famous for its lightest weight,cool appearance,portable design and great performance and function at affordable price.This kit suit for both newbie and experienced vapers.

2.IJOY RDTA BOX 200 Starter Kit

This is one of best recommended all in one kit,super hot.RDTA BOX 200W,features built-in can be washed huge 12.8 ml juice capacity tank with LED light,10 decks optional, IMC Interchangeable building deck and 0.96 inch OLED Screen .

3.If you are looking for a powerful vape setup for heavy smok and amazing performance,then Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 + New IJOY RDTA (Click here to get best price ) is for you. RX2/3 is one of best recommended vape mod,can be used two or three 18650 batteries to support max power to 150w or 250w and supports firmware updating. While the IJOY Limiltess RDTA Classic is the most powerful RDTA with creative and amazing features.

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