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Car audio anyone?

Mike H.

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Anyone else into car audio? to share your set up?

Im in the process of gathering up what i need to install a system in my 97 ranger regular cab but im doing this on a $600.00 budget complete.

Nothing fancy but a well matched set up with all the prep needed to make the best of what i get.

The doors..the floor...the back deck and even under the headliner will receive vibration dampening in the form of Peel n Seal via the hardware store...Behind the door panels will be a thin yoga mat to seal off any of the holes and help with any vibrations from the door panels as well as help lower road noise and help insulate the vehicle as an added bonus.

I have an idea of what i want for a headunit (kenwood excelon model) and front component speakers (soundstream PF6 6.5") but im still working on an amp and subs..Unfortunately i cant use traditional subs so im after a shallow mount sub set up and will be going with 10 inch subs for some bass fill....I'll be going with Knuconceptz amp wiring kits and 14g front speaker wires and 10g wire going to the subs.

The rest is to be continued.


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When I had my delta I was running 4 kicker pro comp 12" off 2 boss 2400 watt amps

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