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Cartel Cascata RDA

I received this rda from flawless vape shop’s online shop for the awesome price of 40.00. this rda usually runs anywhere from 90-120 dollars so when I saw this deal it was almost too good to be true. The rda comes in stainless steel and you have your choice between a stainless steel, copper, and brass drip tip. The drip tip covers a “fillhole” at the top of the rda which also acts as indirect airflow. So in case you wanted more airflow then the cyclone slot in the front of the rda provides then you would use another drip tip instead of the one that comes with the rda. I have heard mixed things about this rda from online reviews and the reason why I am writing this review myself is because of the fact that there is hardly any information on this rda online and most of the information is about the clone and not the authentic device. Personally I really do love this atomizer. There are a few things that I would change though but these things are all personal preference. For one this atomizer is built for flavor chasing so it seems to me that the indirect airflow on the top cap is sort of useless. In my experience I have noticed that a tighter draw usually does result in better flavor. The cyclone afc is a nice simple design in which you just twist the top cap and there is a slot in the base of the rda for airflow to come in from. I do have one gripe about this. The airflow cannot be completely shut off because of the design of the reduced chamber in the top cap . The way that the chamber is set up is almost like a veritas or marquis rda in the way that the positive and negative post sit on the deck. Its like a triangle shape in the front of the rda and behind the positive post there is a little OHM symbol shaped wall. This wall is part of the really innovative juice well that they have designed for this deck. The way that you would basicly build and wick this rda is is either with a single horizontal coil or you can also do duel vertical coils. From my experience a single 26 gauge 10 wrap micro coil (2.5mm) works the best for this atomizer. The coil sits at the front of the rda in front of the air slot and the wick is ran behind the coild so almost like a U shape. The juice well is very innovative in the way that it is angled to make the juice flow towards the ends of the U wick and it can hold surprisingly more liquid then I thought. It only holds about 12 drops but that’s it but this isn’t really a problem for me because the top cap comes off fairly easy (dripping through the drip tip does not seem very efficient with this rda). But yeah so once you put the top cap there is a block that is milled into the deck which goes over the juice well and reduces the chamber in a major way. When you do this the “fillhole” is right above the part of the well that you want to drip in. Once again I find that fillhole useless and to me its almost like a con because I find no need to use it for indirect airflow or filling juice. I enjoy a restricted draw. One of my favorite things is obviously the flavor but I find the draw on this rda to be absoloutly amazing. It just feels good to draw on. The flavor on this rda is outstanding when it is built right. The build deck can be a little hard to build on so I would recommend this rda for advanced builders. The vapor production on this rda is also pretty impressive even though it is a flavor atty. The positive post is gold plated and all the screws are gold plated. The negatives are one with the deck and also have gold screws. The conductivity is so amazingly good, im running a 10 wrap 26 guage micro coil at only 16 watts and it is working great. The rda comes with 3 complete sets of screws which is a total plus and it also comes with stainless steel screws. If I could rate this atomizer on a scale of 1-10 flavor wise I would rate it at an 8. The atomic from mcv phillipines is my favorite rda to date for flavor. I Have heard a whole lot of negative things about Cartels quality control so I was very scared about this rda being either a dud or totally scratched. They had problems with their first batch of atomizers in which the screws in the positive and negative posts would just keep spinning because there was an error in production. It basically left the atty useless. But Cartel made it right with people that had problems and exchanged there bases for new ones. This is still no excuse though…. I would be so fuckin mad if this happened especially with an authentic device. The quality control of my attty was great though…. I have not had any of the problems with the atomizer that others have and I am suuuuuper stoked on this atomizer. Being a very picky person when it comes to flavor and qc makes impressing me a hard thing to do but the Cascata has def impressed me

Pros: Great flavor, gold plated pin and center post, gold plated screws, good qc, great conductivity, good vapor production for a flavor rda, adjustable pin and fits on all my devices, 22 mm rda, comes with a very neat drip tip.

Cons: Tolerances seem a little off on the o ring for the drip tip, Stupid fillhole that’s kinda useless, airflow cannot be turned past a certain point, very hard to build on and def not for newbie builders

If you’re a flavor chaser I very highly recommend this rda!

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