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Cloud Pics! Post em up!


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Nice clouds fellas! Make sure were giving props to other people posting and giving them some likes if you dig their clouds!

I had to cut the quality of the picture so the server would upload it.. now its a little grainy but whatever lol



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Still a rad image, I usually just capture an image from a video I take='3
S'how I got the above images.


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Finally got my Stingray X and man does this thing kick my ass in hybrid mode!
I was choking out left and right on my fresh battery at 3mg hahah, but I did manage to grab a couple pictures. These first two are with my daily driver, a .2 ohm dual 26g Kanthal in an igo-W with a Halo cap.
Now the fun starts with my Plumeveil stepping in, running .1 ohm dual 22g Kanthal, and boy was it hitting hard!
These last two are from my final plume of the session, didn't know which photo was more indicative of the distance while maintaining some degree of density. Figured I'd let you guys see both;

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