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Coilart Bron Pod System, My Thoughts


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Thanks again to @CoilART vapor for the giveaway!

In the box I received the Bron, one pod, instruction manual and a USB charging cable.

The Bron is very lightweight, especially when compared to other pod systems of similar size. It is a closed pod system that holds up to 2ml of eliquid. It has three power settings up to 25W, unfortunately the user manual has nothing about this so upon playing around with it I discovered that the white light is soft, blue is medium and red is hard. Although this is fairly standard, I'd like to see this in the user manual since people that are just getting into vaping are the most likely to be the target market for a device like this.


The battery is 950mah which is great and should last all day or more. To fill the pod you have to remove it and fill through a hole at the side. Removing the silicone plug is easy and there's no leaking.

The Bron itself is a nice little pod mod, the problem with this kit is the pod. Upon receiving it, I filled the pod and let it sit for about 15 minutes. On my first pull on soft I noticed the flavor was much more muted when compared to the Smok Alpha or LV Orion using the same juice. My second pull was a dry hit.
If you look at the above image, the cotton and coil are separated from the juice tank by a divider that the cotton slides under and wicks to the coil from. It's a long way to travel and with thin 50/50 juice it does not keep up with regular vaping. Even waiting 20-30 seconds between puffs regularly results in dry/burnt hits. The flavor is ok, just not great. This can be explained when you consider that most pod systems now are offering a type of mesh coil, the simple round wire build in the pod will put out clouds with the af all the way open, but don't expect great flavor.
As you can see in the picture, the 510 drip tip is removable and is the double O-Ring style. The AF is also fully adjustable by a ring at the bottom of the drip tip which is nice.

Overall, I like the mod and battery life. It's just disappointing that the pod delivers dry it after dry hit regardless of the power setting. Maybe I received a bad pod, it happens from all companies.

These are all just my opinions based on my testing and I'm sharing my honest thoughts on the kit as I was asked to do by Coilart. I really appreciate the win and hope they can fix their pods, if they do, this would be a highly recommend kit!


Size: 36*62*13mm
Battery Capacity: 950mAh Built-in Battery
Maximum Output: 25W
Refillable Cartridge: 2ml
Resistance: 0.5ohm, 1.0ohm
Drip Tip: 510 with double O-ring

On the Coilart website this is selling for $29.99 and comes in Black, Red, Blue, Orange and the Silver that I received.


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