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Could Vape Store Owners Please Help?

We are building a Costco-like vape distribution business for worldwide independent vape stores. To better understand customer needs, we are conducting a global customer survey. I will highly appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to fill out a short survey. In return, we will give you an EXTRA 10% off our already very low price when you place your order in the future.

Our research found that the top-20 vape products contributed to 82% of retail sales in the global vape market. Such finding gave us the inspiration to build a Costco-like wholesale distributor which sells a few carefully selected hot products that move fast in the retail stores. Our value proposition can help our retail store customers to minimize purchasing cost, shorten selling cycle and avoid high inventory cost.

If you think the above benefits create value for your store, please take the survey by clicking the Google Doc Form below. Potential customers who complete the survey will receive a coupon code which gives your 10% discount in addition to our already cheap price when you place your order in the future.

Since we are a B2B company, we have the skills and technologies to build a more customer-oriented business than Costco does. We will appreciate and welcome your comments, advice, tips, and suggestions. Our most important value and goal is to make sure our customers can make money, so that we can make some money together with them.

Thanks again and with best wishes!


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