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Delosi Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer


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Did not see a large amount of Delosi flavor notes, so decided to buy a batch, and test them out. All tested at the % listed, with a 3-5 day steep. All tested on a SteamCrave RDTA v.1, 7 wrap kanthal 24 ga. coils, with fresh cotton and dry burned in between tests. Tested @ 65 watts.

**Coconut (Delosi) 5% (8-07-19)** -- Stumbled across Jojo's notes on this one, and motivated me to test. This one smelled great on mixing, and after a short steep continued to be stellar. This may be my (just like Jojo) new fav coconut. It has NONE of the "greasy" notes that some other coco's have, but all the good parts. It imparts all the best of fresh coconut with plenty of body, great sweetness, some of the cream, and the meat. It's all in there. Continued solo vaping @ 5% revealed no off putting notes, and I can already see this taking over my number one slot for some dragon's blood mixes. Very full, but not cloying at this %, and can't wait to get a bigger bottle, and start mixing with it. **10/10**.

**Peach 5% (8-16-19)** -- Peaches, peaches, peaches. Are they here ?? Ummm, not really. At first I thought I WAS getting some peach, almost like the cubed, sweetened chunks that Chic Fila tosses in their Peach Milkshake, but the more I vaped it, the less I got. Somewhat sweet with SOME peachy undertones, but overall it fell short of a full on peach. Sometimes even, smelling it gave more peach, than vaping it. Not terrible, just not peachy enough. Maybe an even keeled fruit puree-ish flavor. Probably great as a mixer to fill out a fruity mix, but not a driving peachy mcpeach. Maybe too generous to leave it at **5/10**.

**Strawberry Milk 10% (8-10-19)** -- After a mere few days steep, this one turned out to be quite good. I've not had great luck with single flavor milks, and/or milkshakes, so my hopes were low with this one. It did however, prove me wrong. Coming up with an actual SB Milk as opposed to a SB Creme is exactly what they did here. It did come across almost like the SB version of Nesquik. Milky ? Check. SB ? Check. Smooth and even, with just about the right amount of sweet. I used the average % of 10% so it's not very concentrated, but at 10%, it was a winner. So much so I finished off the tester, and that's a great sign. The SB was somewhat subdued and could probably use a boost from say FA Juicy SB perhaps, but as is, **9/10**. Going to be getting a bigger bottle of this one as well.

**Honeydew 5% (8-16-19)** -- It didn't take many puffs to decide this one was equally MEH. Sweet fruity flavor with some melon maybe Kiwi-ish undertones. Maybe a blender for fruit mixes at best ? Not terrible, but def. not great. I think back to my Medicine Flower tests thanks to @Pro_Vapes, and the MF Honeydew blows this out of the park. As my final tester in this series, going to go low again @ **3/10**.

**Banana 5% (8-11-19)** -- Oh banana how do I love thee ?? OK, out of the gate, this one was good, but not great. Seemed to lean more towards runty artificial, but still had some authentic banana in there. Nicely sweet and even/full @ 5%. Not creamy per se, but maybe a slight feel/taste of pudding-ness, if anything. The one BIG take away for me on this one, was that I often get a sort of muskiness from most bananas, but this one had NONE of those notes, and that's a plus. Although not giving this a 10, I am already planning on re-mixing a few of my current banana favs with this so see how the UN-muskiness works out. As it stands, feel like a **7.5/10** is solid.

**Strawberry 8% (16-19)** -- With sooo many strawberries out there, you're always looking for the next big one. Sadly this one is NOT it. Nothing off-putting or floral, just meh. Somewhat SB'ish, but not overly so. Sweetness was nice, but overall just seemed a blur with no telltale breakthrough SB notes. Delosi's SB Milk however was excellent, but this one, going to leave it low @ **3.5/10**.

**Cantaloupe 5% (8-11-19)** -- This one had me guessing trying to figure out what it was. It did have canta elements, but vaping it seemed more of a sweet-ish fruit-like mish mash. It smelled like canta seeds, but not the fruit when vaping. Def. would not be my canta choice. Not finishing the tester in this one. **2/10**.

**Watermelon (Delosi) 8% (8-10-19)** -- Wow on this one. Following the Coconut, this would be a perfect pairing with it heading towards a Dragon's Blood. OK, this was pretty good at 8%, but might be able to go even higher. It came across as an even keeled candied WM, that straddled between realistic and slightly artificial. I think it's closest cousin would be LA Watermelon for comparison. Nothing off putting, and sweetness leaned heavier, but not overly so. Nicely done, and putting it @ **9.25/10**.

**Cotton Candy 5% (8-11-19)** -- So what exactly IS Cotton Candy ? Who knows, maybe straight EM ?? Added this one to my order just to see what was what. As expected it was sweet, but not actually overly sweet @ 5%. Had all the telltale signs, smells, and tastes of CC without being overpowering. Continued vaping didn't appear to reveal any muting, and the flavor stayed consistantly cotton candy-ish throughout. Didn't seem to reach the level of TPA Cotton Candy, but in the ballpark. For what it's worth, leaving this at a **7/10**.

**Series II: Mixing 1-6-21**

Delosi Series II.jpeg

Cake Batter (Delosi) 5%
Cereal Base (Delosi) 5%
Cherry (Delosi) 2%
Chocolate Coconut (Delosi) 4%
Cinnamon Bun (Delosi) 5%
Classic Fruit Punch (Delosi) 5%
Custard (Delosi) 5%
Glazed Donut (Delosi) 5%
Graham Cracker (Delosi) 5%
Malted Milk (Delosi) 5%
Marshmallow Cereal (Delosi) 5%
Peanut Butter (Delosi) 5%
Pina Colada (Delosi) 5%
Pineapple (Delosi) 5%
Raspberry (Delosi) 5%
Sugar Cookie (Delosi) 5%
Sweet Cream (Delosi) 5%
Sweet Vanillin (Delosi) 3%
Toasted Marshmallow (Delosi) 5%
Vanilla Cream (Delosi) 5%
Vanilla Yogurt (Delosi) 5%


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