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Destroy vaping through taxes


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The latest scam tax proposal to eliminate the scourge that is vaping....

Glad I'm stocked up for life, but I'm guessing most aren't

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Hi. We are ok here at present but towards the end of this yr, not far away, we are expecting things to clamp right down. Im on an alert from my 2 good vape supply places, when they give the message I'll stock up all we can. Right now I think we are good for a few yrs, but if it goes Vape Code Red, we'll stock up for even more. Our Gov hates vaping, yet sits by and lets Cig sales go on unhindered apart from hiking the tobacco prices up crazy. But even then, they treat vaping like the plague, but happily take tobac taxes like "kaching...thank you very much".
They attack us like public enemies, yet those that are 100 times worse they tolerate.
Shouldn't be surprised really should I!
Its all about the Kaching.


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This is why i am stocked on nic for a good 20 yrs.


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The House Ways & Means Committee has revealed that it is considering a tax proposal on nicotine and tobacco as part of the funding bill “Build Back Better” plan. The provision is designed to equalize taxation across all tobacco and nicotine products.
In other words, the tax on demonstrably less harmful products like vaping, snus, and smokeless tobacco would be the same as the tax on cigarettes – the most harmful tobacco product.
In addition to taxing all nicotine and tobacco products as if they were a cigarette, the provision increases the Federal tax on cigarettes by 100%, and raises all other tobacco taxes up to this new level.
What does this increase look like for safer nicotine and tobacco products?
  • Nicotine used in vapor products (synthetic, TFN, and tobacco-derived)
    • $100.66 per 1,810mg of nicotine ( $0.05/mg)
    • To put this in more relatable terms, this new tax would add $10.00 to a 30mL bottle of 6mg e-liquid.This is in addition to any state or local taxes people may already be paying.


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NO ONE is going to force me back to cigarettes. I have a good stash, but if something happened to it, I'd just quit altogether, or vape zero nic. I'm not playing their fucking game.


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I'm not stocked. On my last few bottles of 50mg, then I have some less niccy bottles, then that's it. I can't afford to buy. I paid their damn tax etc on my last purchase and, well, it's extortion and I'm not giving in to criminals anymore.

I used to smoke pipe tobacco and have some of that but it's not the same. For one thing, I can't smoke indoors. I've been vaping nicotine for two years so it is quite a habit. I am thinking about a cig rolling machine. I know I could make fine ciggies using good tobacco with a bit of pipe tobacco but I've been out of work since shortly after the planned-demonic kicked in and can't afford the gear.

I have hardly posted here since I joined but was meaning to and Lucy's post induced me to vent my frustration and fear. Fear because of withdrawal which is really bad timing. My life was ruined by psychopaths in government and the medical cartels and I'm working very hard to stay stable.

This may be off-topic but I am compelled to say it. Do not trust government, "health" institutions and mass media regarding so-called "covid" and the soon to be mandatory RNA gene injections (which are causing death and sickness that goes unreported by msm). I've been following this major covert operation from the beginning. It's nothing but a pack of lies used to induce mass fear and ultimately install their form of tyrannical government they've been planning for. I hope that vapers who are experiencing this "taxing" can see it for what it is, for it is only the tip of the iceberg.


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I've been following this major covert operation from the beginning. It's nothing but a pack of lies used to induce mass fear and ultimately install their form of tyrannical government they've been planning for.

*taps on the camera screen* "Hey You Guys! It's the Electric Company!"

They've been about as covert with it as a damn nut sore bull ox in a shop of fine China. It has been known this was the plan ever since the first person created a fence and pointed to its contents and yelled "Mine!" I say we invent a time travel method and return to just a moment before that, hang that sucker up by their toes and use them as a pinata.

No, I'm not against private use of resources, or private property. I might well be, though I do find myself being moderate. So, I can understand sure someone using resource A not wanting to let someone B use it. At the same time this Earth, belongs to all of us or none of us. We should all share the bounty, or preserve it and in fact I think ninety percent or more ought to be preserved.

We do not need more than one tenth of the resources we use, abuse. There's evidence supporting that. Apologies I'm not keen off hand to expound on it here. If you look though about the Myth Of Scarcity, you'll find a lot of good information. My point is we waste so much it's not humorous. Why? Greed.
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At first they didn’t load completely so I tried again and they showed up twice.
Not the end of the world I guess


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Yes I’ve used them before. It’s where Delosi sells their nic.
As you can see in the photos it is clear and only a very slight smell and taste of tobacco from the jug.
Same as every other brand I’ve bought over the years

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