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Disposable subtanks


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I was gifted by one of our illustrious VU members a Digiflavor Lunar. So this mod is a seemingly very durable resin type of material. It is super simple with 3 vape options, bypass, 3.5v, 3.2v. I just have the mod but the kit came with Lumi subtank. That is a disposable tank with a Geek vape mesh coil inside. I am semi retired but do kitchen work on the side. I mostly do catering and also church events, fundraisers, etc. Anyone who cooks professionally and vapes knows the particulates in the air cover your mod. Airborne grease is the worst. Any way I think this mod would be perfect for kitchen use. I think I may try a disposable tank also. Has anybody used one? How do they vape? The Lumi uses a Geek vape mesh coil and I know those are good as far as factory coils go. What is your thoughts or opinion? Let me know. Peace and love to all.

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