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Do you play games?


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Used to play games but felt I was wasting too much time on them so sold the lot. No desire to play them again these days really.


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as I've gotten older I find that I lost interest in twitch gaming, but I still enjoy rpgs, strategy and visual novels


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I picked up playing Moubootaur Legends which is an offshoot of The Mana World. I played on Land of Fire as the GM/Character named Cordo. It seems LOF has been "retired", not sure of exact details beyond it seems to have "rolled" into Moubootaur.

The main aspect of the game is grinding. There's also some alleged "social" aspect. Given the average on server at any given time for both LOF and Moubootaur has never been over 5 it's difficult to consider it vastly social. TMW itself though often has hundreds on at any time.

All three have questing aspects requiring teams having a minimum of 5. So yes, it can be rough on Moubootar or LOF to do questsTo a degree it can be as rough on TMW though it bears lesser difficulty.

For me it "just something to do", to "piddle". Of course, so is Xshishen-sho or Klondike solitaire. Would like to see a free and possibly open source native Linux version of Chrono Cross, or something similar. I know that's wishful thinking though.

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Online spades. Boring 'eh?

Well, it is with other ppl :)
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I grew up in the 1980s and was very heavy into fast action games and shoot 'em ups on the MSX platform that was a big thing in Japan and gained loyal traction in some parts of Europe like The Netherlands and Spain. My favorite game back then was Salamander, from Konami. Consoles like the 8-bit Sega or Nintendo didn't exist until years after, and in fact they didn't arrive before I had already bought my first PC that I later upgraded and kept upgrading multiple times so I never got into consoles despite I did have access to just about all of them at the time, via a close relative.

For a quarter of a century I have played hundreds of games titles across a wide variety of genres, mostly shooters or fast action related, classic adventure games during the early days (from Sierra and LucasArts), and a few racing games. Wolfenstein 3D and Spear Of Destiny, Doom, Doom II, Heretic, those were my main hobby for a while until Quake III Team Arena online multiplayer on a broadband internet connection finally took over, with a Riva 128 GPU and a Pentium III CPU. Next came the PC version of Halo Combat Evolved, also online. Then boredom. For the most part anyway, over-commercialised console crap being cheaply ported on the PC and cheaters in online multiplayer FPS games ruined the fun. That's how I got on WoW in a European (I am in Europe) PvE server on day one, which quickly turned into a love/hate relationship for many reasons like boring new content plus raid guilds with corrupt leaderships and class imbalance throwing recruitment/grouping strategies completely upside down in every way that ultimately managed to kill my patience once and for good. I was used to being pretty hardcore all the time. But for the past decade I have had almost no real interest in gaming whatsoever.

Casual gaming styles are not for me, whereas online multiplayer gaming at the hardcore level has lost its way, and, I never could see myself go to LAN parties. I always used to put my keyboard on my lap when gaming on the PC. In online FPS games the rounded corner of my desk was supporting only two of the bones in my hand (the Pisiform and the Triquetrum) holding my Logitech mx518 mouse. Doing this allowed me to pivot my hand and not lose track each time when I lifted the mouse up from the desk to relocate─lightning fast. So I could combine fairly instant full 360 degree viewing with the type of fast-accurate reflexes that no one thought to be in any way humanly possible. It's the supreme opposite of what a game controller feels like on a Pony SlayStation. :D

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