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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the M VV II Box MOD from Dovpo. The DOVPO M VV II Box MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Cortana from the Healthcabin.


The M VV II is a potentiometer style variable voltage device and updated version of Dovpo's best selling M VV. The device comes with a choice of 3 different colourful textured panels and has a lovely weight in the hand in my opinion. Firing down as low as 0.08 and cranked write up to max potentially this powerful device will put out 280W, whether 18650's will allow for this i wouldn't know and have no intentions of trying and would advise doing modest builds and dialling the voltage to suit (just because you can doesn't mean you should!).


In The Box


1× USB Type-c Cable
1x QA Card
1x Battery Safety Card
1x Social Media Card
1× Instruction Manual


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The M VV II came in cardboard packaging with viewing window so you can see the colourful device before opening. I received the Skull & Roses version, although no doubt more versions will become available at the time of writing the options are Hannya, Skull & Roses and Dragon Samurai.
The device has a Black Zinc Alloy chassis with also Zinc Alloy panels, one removable to allow battery instalment and one fixed. The panels have a plastic raised textured colourful design that feels impressively durable although the themes will not be to everyone's taste.
The face has a cut corner where it meets the top of the device and just below this we have a large Black domed fire button, at the bottom on the face we have the dial with an LED indication light just above. The spine of the device is featureless but has an indented central section to narrow the device making it more ergonomic, the base is also featureless. Up top as mentioned we have a cut corner to one side then we have a 510 plate positioned centrally to the flat top section rather than the whole device, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded with decent travel. I have the original M VV (Blue lightning version) that i bought and i am finding the M VV II to have the ergonomic edge, i also find it almost the perfect weight, not too light but not too heavy but that's entirely subjective.


M VV II Specs and Features:

Size: 91mm X 53mm X 27mm
Material: PC+Zinc Alloy
Resistance: 0.08ohm - 3.5ohm
Operating Voltage: 6.4V - 8.4V
Output Voltage: 1.0V - 8.0V
Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery (NOT included)
Display: 3-LED Indicator
Maximum Output: 280W
New aesthetic colorful look and stylish designs
Adjustable voltage range from 1V to 8V
Multiple protections for safe vape
Magnetic battery cover for easy installation
Convenient built-in USB Type-C port
Thread: 510
Colour/Design: Hannya, Skull & Roses, Dragon Samurai


Fitting The Batteries

The side panel that needs removing to fit your dual 18650 batteries has a very visible notch on the side, it also has "OPEN" and a little arrowhead stamped into the metal spine. Once off we see it has a very large magnet both top and bottom and the section that fits directly over the batteries has a non metallic coating for extra safety. A battery ribbon is attached to help with the removal of your batteries which is needed as they sit deep inside the compartment and orientation is yet again disappointingly Black on Black. Also on the front side of the battery compartment so hidden when the panel is in place is the type C USB port. When testing for movement on the panel with or without the batteries fitted it had no movement whatsoever, cracking job!


Operating The M VV II

The M VV II is a potentiometer style variable voltage device which is so simple to use but needs to be given respect as these type's of devices give out quite some power. The device is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, both actions are confirmed by the LED cycling through the colours Red, Yellow, Green. The device has battery status indication which is shown by what colour the LED lights while vaping, the status indications are:

Green = 7.6V or above
Yellow = Between 7.0V and 7.6V
Red = 6.9V or below

If charging your batteries in the device (i would only do this if it was your only option) the LED gives charging indication which follows the same colours and percentages as when vaping, when the batteries are fully charged the LED goes off.
To use the device you turn the dial to adjust voltage and vape. Their are 5 main settings on the dial with further settings between each, you can also go between markings and micro manage the exact power you are after. You can't see what the exact voltage is or know what wattage output is being given, the trick is to start very low and slowly increase the voltage until you get the power you want, these devices are vape by feel rather than settings which add to their charm. The device comes with all the usual safety protections you would get with any other regulated device which if they kick in are indicated by various flashes of the LED.


Low Voltage protection
Overheat Protection
Reverse Battery Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overtime Protection


Review Continued Below:


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Review Continued:

My Experience Using The M VV II

I really like potentiometer style variable voltage devices and the MVV II has slight ergonomic improvement and also Type C USB making it in my opinion a better device than the original and on a par with the Tesla Invader 4X as the best i have used yet.
You really do need to start on the lowest setting and slowly crank it up until you get the power you want, you will be surprised how low you will need the dial set. You need to get your nail into the arrow of the dial to adjust and i do prefer the Invader 4X as it's much easier to move the dial but the dial on the M VV II still moves very smoothly and is still less fiddly than most potentiometer style devices i have used. I love the domed fire button, you just can't miss it and it has a very satisfying click when pressing, the device fires with absolutely no delay and instant ramp up, i have no complaints at all.
At the risk of repeating myself you really do need to start very low and then gradually increase the power until you get the vape you want, the device gives plenty of power and personally i have never needed to use a potentiometer style device with the dial more than halfway and usually much lower. In the manual their is a settings guide for various builds giving wattage output for different dial settings but it's just a rough guide as the output including the maximum wattage which is claimed to be 280W is all dependant on the 18650 batteries you are using and at higher voltage settings how fresh they are.
I like the weight in the hand of the device as well as the colourful textured designs which feel to be very durable and although battery status indication could have more tiers it's nicely spaced out and fit for purpose. The device can accommodate up to 25mm atty's without overhang which means the vast majority will fit fine but if you are looking for a device that accommodates large atty's this isn't for you. Via the included type C USB cable the device supports on-board charging and the final pro is it's very affordable.



Well made device
Aesthetically pleasing
Nice weight
textured colourful finish (panels)
Dial moves smoothly
Micro manage voltage output for the power you want
Powerful device
Fires instantly with instant ramp up
large domed fire button
Very simple to use
Battery door fits very securely
Battery Ribbon
Battery status indication
Battery life seemed slightly better than expected
Multiple safety protections
On-board charging supported
Type C USB
Low price


VV only (obvious)
Black on Black marked battery orientation

I would once again like to thank Cortana from the Healthcabin for supplying the DOVPO M VV II Box MOD for the purpose of this review.


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