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Drag 3 + TPP tank kit review


This is going to be very much a two-part review, as the Drag 3 and TPP Tank are available together as a kit, or separately. This will mean that this review is a little long winded, feel free to scroll straight to the Pros/Cons and conclusion if you don’t need the details.

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Drag 3
Compared to the Drag 1 and 2, the Drag 3 has a far more subtle design in line with the rest of the current Drag range, it still has a huge drag logo on the side, but this time it’s embossed leather so (at least with my black/black version) it’s far less prominent. From the front, it’s the same setup as the Drag X, with identical buttons/button positioning.

Despite having a very similar design to mods like the Lost Vape Paranormal and Smoant TC 218, it doesn’t have a C-frame battery door, it has the same bottom-slide battery door as the Drag Max – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a C-frame battery door would have been nice.

On the subject of batteries, one set of my 18650s didn’t fit – these batteries fit in every other mod of mine and every other battery of mine fits in the Drag 3 without issues.

According to the specs on Voopoo’s website, the Drag 3 is 25mm wide – this I assume is including the small step on each side of the mod – in reality 24.5mm is as far as you will get without overhang.

The 510 is slightly raised, which I guess protects the paint on the top of the mod but it does result in a small gap – it not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it, but you still know it’s there.

Overall, it’s an attractive mod made with nice materials, good build quality and responsive/clicky buttons.


Like the rest of the Drag range, the Drag 3 has two/three modes:

  • Smart mode – it will automatically adjust the power based on the ohms of the coil. For Voopoo’s coils this works really well – it adjusts the power to a safe level for the coil, this level isn’t locked – you can take it as low as you want, but it won’t let you go over the safe limit for that coil. This is really only suitable for Voopoo coils as there are far more factors in play once you start using rebuildable atomizers or a stock-coil tank from another manufacturer.
  • RBA mode – this is a standard wattage mode, it scrolls up in single digits, doesn’t round-robin and the screen turns red and goes into “super mode” once you go over 80w. According to Voopoo, super mode gives you a super quick firing mode.
  • Temp control mode – this is only available with a firmware update; I don’t use temp control so I won’t be putting this on my mod.
  • Controls – five clicks - on/off, three clicks - change between Smart mode and RBA mode, power up + down - change the display mode, fire and power up – device lock, fire and power down – clear the puff counter.

The screen is clear, which is fortunate because there’s a lot going on there.

Battery displayed as two bars (well done, this is good), mode, power, puff counter, ohms, voltage, puff time and something called “gene fan” which Voopoo state “can calculate by simulating the amount of vaping per mouth cigarette through simulation to display the corresponding graph.” – I guess this is the new toned-down version of the Drag X’s score mode.

There are also two different display modes – Iron and Core – Iron is standard and while Core is quite attractive, it’s almost unreadable unless your mod is lying down.
TPP Tank

The TPP tank is basically the bigger version of Voopoo’s PnP tank – it is physically compatible with all the Drag and Argus mods that come with the PnP, however the coils are not compatible, when bought with the Drag 3 or separately, it comes with a 510 adapter with airflow control, so it will work on a 510 mod.

I don’t really like the aesthetics of the TPP Tank, it looks like a tank that is trying hard to keep some elements of a pod, which doesn’t really work. I’d have much rather seen it look like a regular stock-coil tank.

  • Coils – it comes with two coils, the 0.15ohm 60-80w DM1 and the 0.2ohm 40-60w DM2, both are mesh and both are excellent. Not gaming changing excellent, but a noticeable improvement over the comparable PnP coils, neither coil requires pushing to its higher limits and both give warm and detailed flavor. I did however experience leaking with the DM1, which may or may not have been my fault. I primed the coil as usual, put it in the tank and immediately started to experience leaking plus mediocre flavor. I took out the tank, put it on tissues for an hour or so and started again, it then gave me zero leaks plus really good flavor – did I overprime it? Maybe, I treated it exactly the same as any other stock-coil, but perhaps it doesn’t require as much priming?
  • Drip-tip – unlike the PnP tanks, the TPP tank has a removable 810 drip-tip – this sounds great, until you realize that due to the domed top of the tank, almost every 810 drip-tip will overhang and that you can only use drip-tips with O-rings. So, out of the thirty or so drip-tips that I own, only one stayed in place and had no overhang.
Overall, the TPP tank is great – because of its coils. I’d love to see a regular sub-ohm tank using these coils – forget the magnetic fitting, give it top-fill, use regular size/non-O-ring 810 drip-tips and you’d have a perfect tank.
Ratings as compared to similar devices.

  • Vapor production – 6/10 – it’s about flavor, not clouds.
  • Flavor – 9/10 – these coils are good!
  • Build quality – 7/10 – the Drag 3 feels solid and uses nice materials.
  • Value – 8/10 – this kit is much better value than paying the same for a pod-mod.

  • The Drag 3 has grown up, it looks so much better than previous versions.
  • Smart mode works really well with Voopoo coils.
  • TPP coils are really, really good.
  • TPP tank is compatible with other magnetic fitting Voopoo products.
  • TPP tank uses an 810 drip-tip, but…

  • Most of your regular 810 drip-tips will overhang or not stay in place.
  • Bottom-slide battery door isn’t for everyone.
  • Temp control requires a firmware update.
  • TPP tank could have been more aesthetically pleasing.

The Drag 3 is a nice, compact and attractive mod – it does almost everything I want from a dual 18650 mod.

The TPP tank performs really well, most of my issues with it are due to my own styling preferences and most importantly the coils are great.

Buying just the Drag 3, just the TPP tank or the Drag 3 kit are all solid choices.


I was sent the Drag 3 kit by Healthcabin, the Drag 3 kit is $41.88, the Drag 3 mod is $31.88 and the TPP tank (with 2 coils and adapter) is $11.65.

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