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E-liquid for low wattage devices

Hi. What kind of liquid should I fill 11wattege 1.3 ohm disposable device? 50/50 pg/vg? I ordered 10 pcs empty disposable (looks like elfbar 1500). I want to make e-liquid for this type device. The difficulty is that i cannot choose the correct liquid formula for this type of device. Are there any recommendations for a liquid for this type device? The liquid smokes easily, but there is no taste. In other pods with lower ohm and higher wattage my liquids tastes good, i try 50/50 vg/pg, 30/70 vg/30 - doesnt matter. I made them from the recipes on internet. I used 10, 15, 20, 30% fruit flavors (xian taima, flavor west, capella, destilla) and steep them 14 day, doesnt even clost to taste like elfbar (used also sucralose and ws-23) I understood that all recipes and flavor dosages on the internet are only for vapes and pods with good characteristics. Please help me to find solution about dosage of ingredients for the 11 wattage 1.3 ohm disposable device. Sorry for my bad English


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If you are looking to make your own liquid and refill, why not just buy a tank or an RDA?

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