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ENDED DIY Flavor Shack Alliterative four word phrase game-- Est End Date Nov 15, 2020

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First off let me tell you I loved reading through the replies.

Congrats @SteveS45 and info headed your way.

New game started



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Congratulations, SteveS45.
Thank you, jj2 & Vapers United.
Thank you & a big shout out to DIY Flavor Shack. I won the last DIY Flavor Shack drawing. Got instructions from jj2 about emailing them to claim the prize, did so the next day, and got a reply the day after. Placed an order that night, it shipped 2 business days later and, along with the order, DIY Flavor Shack included a free bottle of flavoring! First-rate service all around!


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And a Big Thanks to all the contestants for the well wishes and the comradery we enjoy playing~!
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