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ENDED DIY Flavor Shack Whatever pops into your head game. One $25.00 Winners Est End 4/30/2021 Date


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Getting back to easy peasy so read the last posted word and then post whatever pops into your head.

I'll start it off with

DIY contest.PNG
Est End Date 4/30/2021 one lucky person will get a $25.00 credit to use at DIY Flavor Shack.
Sometimes I'm not right on time which is why I used Estimated End Date.
Be assured that I will get around to it. :)

Have fun!!! :)

No back to back post.
Est End Date Est End Date 4/30/2021

Est End Date for the winning picks is used because sometimes I'm not all that timely. :)
DIY Flavor Shack does send to other countries besides USA but there is no guarantee they will send to yours. It's up to you to check before assuming they do.

Sadly the vaping industry is loosing vendors. This is not the fault of reputable vendors. These vendors have no choice if new restrictions/laws/regulations hit.
If this happens then Vapers United can not guarantee any win so from this point on so just be advised you might be playing just for the fun of it.

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Hey @mac63 :) How's life treating you? All okay and healthy?
Overall doing ok - body is all beat up but been like that for a long time. Not caring much for my job but it got me back home and getting closer to retirement.

Hope you're doing ok. Staying safe and out of trouble?:devil:
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Congrats @biglenny1211

Info coming your way!!!

New game started....

Awesome Thank you

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