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ENDED DIY Flavor Shack Whatever pops into your head game. One $25.00 Winners Est End Date 6/30/20

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Ms. Trixy

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Hi and welcome, @Freyja ! I like your name, too. I hope to be seeing more of you around here! It's fun and friendly!
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Thank you. I feel bad my 1st post was a contest entry. :( I've been reading a lot, though. It's great there's so much of information here for newbies like me.
If you feel like introducing yourself, you can look in the New Members area for an Introduce Yourself thread. Or just start one yourself.

I came here as a newb a year ago, and I’ve learned so much. And don’t forget, everyone here will answer anything. Really, anything!

Plus, VU is a fun place to just hang out with other vapers. Glad you joined us!


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Congrats @Lady Sarah
Info coming your way:)

New game started
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