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Evolv reflex


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So ... just got gifted a evolv reflex. It is listed as 750 mah but the battery is very efficient. Do I like it?

1. Well, this device new is very expensive. However, the pods last a long time. I'll expain below
2. The device is a very good TC like device. When the juice is low it pulls back. When when you first fill it and put the pod on it pulses to get juice to coil. So the coils last a long time.
3. It has a few adjustments for taste control. There are three settings. But you get the power when vaping. The longer the pull the stronger the draw. Traditional pods taper down not up when pulling. This is the opposite.
4. It seems well enough built but it is not at all fancy.
5. Relatively easy to fill and gets minimal condensation that can be cleaned when refilling. It is a large pod. Over 3ml. And you can use 70/30 juice - most pods struggle with thicker juice.

Look a pod is a pod. The flavor is nice but it is not exceptional.



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Hi @PaulS :wave:
You weren't kidding about it being expensive.
I just looked at the Evolv page -
To me $120 seems a tad steep for a pod device.
I did see a code there for those of us over 40 that brings it to $80

I see the unique draw feature which could be a game changer for all of the smokers who tried vaping but gave up because it makes them cough.
Many smokers have this issue with coughing because the inhale isn't the same as a cigarette.

Does it do a good job at mimicking a drag of a cigarette like they claim?


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Absolutely. I rather like thendraw now I'm used to it. But like you say ... I can get a pod for 20 dollars. It is a steep price. I get it has advanced technology but I just want to vape.


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I got mine in today. I set it to charge and the indicator light keeps switching between red and green while it is plugged in. It does seem the green light stays on a bit longer with every cycle.... It's been plugged in for the last two hours, I guess it is time to install EScribe and see what it going on....
** Just plugged into EScribe, battery at 86% ! It takes a looong time to charge fully.
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Just a quick note, I found the draw on the Reflex to be a tad too loose for my liking so I thought about ways to restrict the airflow. I remembered watching the few YouTube interviews with Brandon(?) and him mentioning the position of the arrows on the fill caps. I refilled the pod and put the cap back on but with the arrow head pointing outwards. I found the draw I like!

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