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Feedback SYSTEM (not feedback threads)


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This is to help anyone that may be confused between the actual Feedback System, as opposed to all the Feedback Threads you see. Feedback THREADS do not add to your points that you see here, underneath you avatars.

The purpose of Feedback THREADS is basically for a SELLER that has multiple listings posted in one thread. SELLERS can only reference their thread one time when leaving feedback for a buyer, whereas, buyers are able to reference the original thread. See this Sticky for more info on that.

Leaving feedback in the system (giving you and your buyer/trader/seller a better feedback score):

There are 2 ways, that I'm currently aware of, to go about doing this.

Option 1.

upload_2016-7-28_13-29-45.png click on add feedback. The system will walk you through the process, click on the options that apply to your deal. When you click on the section where it wants the reference thread, any deals made with the Buyer/Trader/Seller will pop up. If you did not post in that thread, do so, or you'll need to make a Feedback Thread and that will become your reference point.

2nd Option.

Go to the member's profile page by clicking on their avatar, select the appropriate link in the pop up box. Once there, click on Trading Stats. Underneath that member's Trading Stats, you will see "Add Feedback"


Follow the steps as laid out above in Option 1.

You have now left Feedback through the Feedback System.

Each party involved can leave feedback. We all love to see our stats bump!

Any questions, or suggestions in this matter, please feel free to post below, and thanks for taking the time to read all this :)


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