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Feghali Vapor-Eureka (Menthol + Raspberry)


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This liquid is from the Gold Line that Feghali Vapor is making. Very smooth easy menthol flavor with an ever so slight touch of raspberry. The menthol flavor is really 95% of this liquid with the raspberry taste accounting for 5% when you exhale. You have to fight to find it sometimes because it’s a little tough to locate. The menthol is very nice and its not that it’s overpowering the raspberry I just don’t think there is that much raspberry flavoring. It is a very smooth inhale and it doesn’t tear up your lungs like some menthols tend to do. It’s a comfortable coolness and you can really enjoy a deep inhale. Very wispy vapor production with a big pull and results in putting out an average cloud. More of coolness hit than a throat hit like most menthols but not harsh by any means. Menthol enjoyers that want a little taste of something new and refreshing may find great enjoyment in this liquid. 70/30 3mg

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