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Grimm Green hits me up on Facebook asking for some help. He tells me there is a new website out there called Freetovape.org and we need you to bring some necessary attention to it.

Sounds like my kind of job :)

After watching Grimms video above and looking over the website - I think this is a great idea and a great tool to help in the fight for our cause! It couldn't be more simple and more easy to help.

Thanks to everyone who put this together - really great idea!


" FreeToVape.org provides you an easy communications tool to provide your thoughts and comments directly to the FDA, your Congressman, your Senators, and to those Committee Members in Congress who will be reviewing and approving the regulations.
We know you want your submittal to be as effective and impactive as it possibly can be. For the FDA, we will be printing out your submittal onto paper and dropping it off directly at their offices. For your Congressman/ Senators/ the Committee Members - we will directly fax your submittal to them in real time.

The deadline for Public Comment ends July 9th, 2014. It is so important that we all band together and make a difference as quickly as we can. The voice of the many is loud and clear!
By law, the FDA has to review and record each submission. This is where FreeToVape.org and you come in. This website is a place where YOU, the concerned vaper, can have a voice that will be heard.

We have been given an opportunity to save the vaping experience. We need your help. Let us stand as a singular voice, and save the innovative masterpiece that is the vaping community. "


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