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Fingerprint sensor that works?! - VapeFly TGO Pod Mod

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Re-upped cause the early first cut was uploaded by mistake. If anything, folks got to see my editing tricks...two coughs, redo, three coughs replace, four coughs overlap with old audio, I can see the cough spikes in premier's audio line...note to self, don't record, then edit when on tramadol after having a wisdom tooth pulled the day before...

The VapeFly TGO Pod Mod is yet another AIO/PodMod brought into a market which is becoming saturated...however, it does bring something new to the table, a fingerprint sensor. The difference between this one though and others that came before it is this one actually works!

═╣ VapeFly TGO Pod Mod ╠═

00:00 ◄ Intro, specs and close look
14:40 ◄ Vape
16:07 ◄ Thoughts

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