Geekvape aegis squonk review


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I received aegis squonk from Geekvape for the purpose of this review.

Geekvape aegis squonk colors:

- Silver
- Green
- Black
- Red
- Blue
- Chameleon


Geekvape Aegis Squonk Mod

- Size: 87.7 x 30.9 x 53.5mm
- Liquid bottle capacity: 10ml
- Input voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
- Output voltage: 0.1V-8V
- Minimum voltage: 3.3V
- Longest vaping time: 10s
- Resistance range: 0.05ohm-3ohm
- Charger: USB Micro 5V 1.5A
- Battery specification: 18650 (single battery)
- Display screen: 0.96inch (black and white screen)

Tengu RDA

- Dimension: 24 x 28.3mm
- Side airflow intake


- Powerful and excellent TC Kit from classic Aegis family
- Upgraded AS 100 chipset for fast and accurate operation
- 0.96 Inch screen for vivid display
- Leakproof squonk system
- Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof Design

In the box:

- Geekvape Aegis Squonk Mod
- Tengu RDA Atomizer
- Squonk Bottle
- 510 Drip Tip Adapter
- Battery Door Assist Tool
- GV Triangular Tool
- 810 Drip Tip
- Spare Parts Pack
- N80 Fused Clapton Coil
- Feather Cotton
- USB Cable
- L-shaped Hexagonal Wrench
- Promotion Card & Warranty Card

Aegis squonk kit contains aegis squonk mod and tengu rda. This kit comes in a very nice package. In the package you will receive tool, extra 810 drip tip, spare squonk bottle and also you will receive coils and cotton. Kit comes in 6 different colors which is really nice.

Tengu rda is a dual coil atomizer, height of the atomizer is 28.3mm and this atomizer is 24mm in diameter. Atomizer comes in 6 differnet colors which is really nice. Package is nice as I said, in the package you will receive two drip tips, coils and cotton, also in the package you will receive bf pin so you can use this atomizer with squonk mods. Build quality of the atomizer is really good, everything fits nice and threads are good, 510 pin is gold plated and it protrudes. You can see on the chamber logo engraved and from the bottom of the atomizer you can see some informations.

This atomizer comes with preinstalled 810 ultem drip tip that stands perfectly in the place. On this atomizer you can use any other 810 drip tip without any problems. Drip tip that comes preinstalled is comfortable for using but I really like the drip tip that comes in the package. In the package you will receive little bit shorter drip tip and the drip tip from the package has wider bore, I really like this kinda drip tips and I use this drip tip every time on this atomizer. In the package you will also receive 510 drip tip adapter so you can use here any other 510 drip tip if you like.

On the chamber you can see airflow holes, on this atomizer we have the honeycomb airflow which is really good, from each side here we have 13 holes. From the inside of the chamber you can see two slots on the top to hold the airflow conrol ring. Chamber has conical shape which will improve the flavor. On the airflow ring we have two airflow slots and two o rings. Also on the top of the ring you can see pieces that goes in the slots on the chamber, also on the bottom of the ring you can see two pieces that goes in the base. On the base we have two slots that locks the ring and the base together, so basically, when you spin the top cap you will adjust the airflow and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the another side. Also we have here a stopper which is really nice.
When the airflow is fully open on this atomizer, you have really nice amout of air so you can use this atomizer at high power and also you can reduce the airflow so you can get some restricted draws.

On the base you can see two o rings that holds the chamber, juice well is very deep on this atomizer. On the build deck you can see 4 slots for coils leads, so basically building on this rda is very easy, one lead goes up, the other one goes down, on the picture you can see how I did it. So in my opinion this is a very user friendly build deck and basically anyone could build on this rda which is really good. Screws are fine, I didn't have any problems. The top of the deck has very interesting shape, so when you are dripping liquid will go on the both sides of the juice well which is really nice.

How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

Tengu rda is well built atomizer, build quality is really good. We have really nice colors to choose from. Atomizer comes with two drip tips and the drip tip from the package is really good in my opinion. Also in the package you will receive coils and cotton which is really good. You can use this atomizer with regular mods, in that case you will drip through the drip tip and because of the build deck design liquid will go on the both sides of the well, juice well is deep which is another pro here.
You can also use this atomizer with bf pin from the package, so if you like to squonk you can do it with this atomizer, personally I like to use it with regular mods.
As I said, build deck is very user friendly and you can easily build on this rda, I belive that you will have no problems here, basically you only need to place the coils leads in the slots, tight the screws and clip the leads. You can also pretty much easy place the cotton here, but if you use this rda with squonk mods you should fluff the cotton and leave some space in the center of the juice well so liquid can come to the cotton and up to the coils.
On this atomizer I tried clapton coils, I also tried round wire build with kanthal 0.5mm. In my opinion this atomizer works better with clapton coils because of the airflow. The airflow is designed to hit the coils from sides, but still you can move a little bit higher your coils so airflow can hit the coils from the sides and a little bit from the bottom, I like it more when the airflow hits the coils more from the sides. We have a lot of airflow on this atomizer, so in my opinion it works way better at high powers because flavor is best with airflow wide open or just a little bit closer, so with this atomizer you will get best performance at high power and that way vapor production is also very good. Airflow is very good and smooth, I really like the airflow.
So, tengu rda is very solid rda and well built rda, it works good as it shoud and it is very easy to build on this rda.


- Side screws can twist your leads


- Build quality
- Smooth airflow
- There is a lot of airflow when airflow is fully open
- Easy to build
- Easy to wick
- Screws are good
- Very comfortable drip tip from the package
- Two drip tips in the package
- Coils and cotton in the package
- Bf pin in the package
- Stopper on the top cap
- Good flavor, especially at high power
- Deep juice well


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Aegis squonk mod is powered by single 18650 battery and this mod works from 5-100w and it supports few working modes. As other mods from aegis series, this one is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof which is really good. Build quality of the mod is really good as we can expect from aegis mod. This mod you can use as squonk mod, but also you can buy back part of the mod separately and with that part you can make this mod to be a regular mod which is really good. From the back of the mod you can see "Aegis" and on the frame you can see from both sides "Geekvape".

From the top side of the mod you can see the connection, connection is screwed from the top and we have here gold plated spring loaded 510 pin and threads here are good. Also here you can see the seal which is good because liquid will not be able to come out. Also because of this connection you will not scratch the top of the mod with atomizers.
This is a top fill squonk mod and on the top we have the piece that we need to push in order to see the fill hole, also on that piece you can see details to help when you want to push it. Fill hole is pretty much okay and I belive that you will have no problems with any bottles here, but maybe you will need to take off the rda when you fill it if you have big bottle. On the hole you can see the seal and because of that it will not leak from there.

From the back side of the mod you can see squonk bottle and for me this bottle is very good. In the package you will receive one more bottle which is very good. Capacity of the bottle is 10ml which is great capacity. Considering that this device is waterproof they needed to protect the device from water and because of that it is a little bit harder to take off the bottle which will probably be a con to someone, but still you can wash your bottle from the top. As I said this mod can be a regular mod if you buy the piece that goes from behind, I would like that piece in the package but still it is very nice that you can do that.

From the bottom of the mod you can see the battery cap and threads here are really good, I didn't have any problems. When you take off the battery cap you can see the battery orientation engraved. This device is powered by one 18650 battery which will be con for someone because they could make it 21700 compatible. When you put the battery in the mod and when you shake the device there is no any rattling which is really good.
From one side of the mod you can see the rubber seal and when you pull it you can see the usb port that you will use for software upgrade and for battery charging.

From the front side of the mod you can see the fire button, the screen and plus and minus buttons. The fire button is protruding and it is very clicky, it works just great and without problems. Plus and minus buttons are little bit less clicky but both works great.
The screen on this device is good and you can see everything really good on the screen.
To turn on the device you need to click 5 times on the fire button and to turn it off you need to do the same. When you turn on the device in the power mode on the screen you can see:

- Power
- Battery indicator
- Coil
- Amp
- Volt
- Puff

On this device you can change the brightness of the screen and to do that you need to hold the fire button and plus button, that way you will increase the brightness and if you hold the fire button and minus button you will decrease the brightness of the screen.
When you hold plus and minus buttons you will lock the buttons but you will still be able to vape, to unlock it you need to do the same.
To change the working mode you need to click 3 times on the fire button and in the menu you can see:

- Power
- Tc ni
- Tc ss
- Tc ti
- Tc tcr
- Vpc
- Bypass

How this device works and my thoughts:

So with this device Geekvape made a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof squonk device which is really great. Build quality of the device is good and everything is as expected. This device is comfortable for using and I really to use it. The squonk bottle is also comfortable for using. Capacity of the bottle is 10ml which is really good. Also I really like that this mod can be used as squonk mod or as regular mod with piece that you can buy separately.
As squonk mod this mod works good, there is no any leaking when you squonk or any mess, everything works as it should which is great.
Top fill works good and you can fill the bottle really fast. Considering that this mod is waterproof to take off the bottle you will need some work, but still as I said you can wash the bottle from the top, anyway, I belive this will be a con to someone. This mod works with 18650 battery and I would like that this mod is compatible with 21700 battery. This mod works just great for my needs, I have this mod for a week maybe and I use it every day without any problems. The fire button and plus and minus bottons works good and there is no any problems. The screen is good, on the screen you can see informations that you need and you can see everything really good, also you can adjust the brightness here.
So, aegis squonk is very solid mod that you can use as squonk mod or regular mod which is really good in my opinion, it is still waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and if you like the design I can suggest you this mod.


- Hard to take off the bottle (but mod this way is waterproof)
- It is not compatible with 21700


- Build quality is good
- Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
- There is no any leaking
- Top fill
- Can be a regular mod
- Fire button and up and down buttons works good
- Comfortable bottle
- Spare bottle in the package
- Mod is comfortable
- Threads are great
- 10ml capacity of the bottle
- Screen is good
- It works good without any problems

Thanks Geekvape
You can buy it here: Aegis squonk


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lets seee a better shot of the mod 510. what i can see, its a leaky B.

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