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Global Challenge Rules

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In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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We have set out some “Global” Rules we felt were necessary to facilitate all challenges and to protect our members:

General Rules - Apply to all challenges:
  1. No tagging allowed (except for VU Challenge Team notifying the Sponsor of challenge completion or to say congratulations)

  2. A challenge end date will be included within the Title (the specific timeframe will be determined by the VU Challenge Team)

  3. You are not allowed to post anyone’s personal information i.e. Name, Telephone Numbers, email address, tracking numbers. This is something we take very seriously and may ban you for it

  4. If you copy data from a source you must give credit to the author/publisher (please see individual challenge rules where this is allowed)

  5. Once completed and award announced the VU Challenge Team may lock the challenge at thier discretion.

  6. We will not ask for nor accept any challenge rules that require affiliate/referral links
Global forum rules still apply at all times

Not open for further replies.

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