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Global Pandemic of Diabetes and Obesity


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It’s being called “The Black Death of The 21st Century”.

And rightfully so Dale - the stats are scary:

· 1 out of 2 adults already have it.

· It’s rapidly becoming the #1 killer in countries around the world (It’s #3 in the States right now).

· It greatly increases your chances of getting cancer.

TTAC is proud to announce its support and participation in one of the most important new docuseries this year.

It's about the global pandemics of Diabetes and Obesity--now at all time highs worldwide.

Did you know…

Diabetes doesn’t just affect those that are overweight?

50% of adults are ALREADY diabetic or pre-diabetic.

We can’t ignore this anymore.

We can’t continue to be “Politically Correct” and not talk about this.

And did you know that 20% of our kids are now obese, not just overweight, but obese--making them 5X more likely to get diabetes.

The Good News.

There are solutions!

Hope is not lost.

And this powerful and life changing documentary will give you all the answers and solutions.

This is such an important subject and one that we believe in so much that not only am I featured in it, but we are doing everything possible to share it far and wide.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from diabetes and/or obesity (or is simply overweight)…

You have to see this!

>> CLICK HERE to watch this powerful and life saving docuseries today.

This series was created to give those that are struggling with weight, diabetes or pre-diabetes hope and offer them a safe and natural way to live healthier lives.

I promise… you’ll want to watch this one.

See you there,

Ty Bollinger


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I'm putting all down to GMO grains, and a high carb diet.

To a large degree you're correct. I've been exploring a good bit regarding diet, lifestyle issues over the past few recent years. Suffice it we (human beings) were not exactly designed or evolved to eat as we do nor have a highly sedentary lifestyle. Lots points to high carbohydrate diets while not being exactly negative, are at least providing what is considered "filler" foods that break down to fats and sugars in excess. We're also not made to eat a lot of meats if any at all as our digestive tracts are far too long and lead to meats "hanging up" and rotting. That leads to various troubles health wise.

You also point out GMO foods. These I consider Frankenstein-foods. Not sure why tomatoes for example would need fish scales or rat fur. Granted, I do understand selective breeding and hybridizing of plants as farmer's have done for years and years, slowly evolving plants for better yields, new colors and so on. That to me is wholly different and saner than GMO. I get reminded of a screamed song by Sepultura.

Is Godzilla

Mutations cooked in labs
Money-mad experiments
New food + medicine?
New germs + accidents!
Like Cubatao
"World's most polluted town"
Air melts your face
Deformed children all around
Ain't what's so bad
Like all technology
It's in the wrong hands

Cut-throat corporations
Don't give a damn
When lots of people die
From what they've made

Biotech Is Godzilla

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