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GO PRO! – Stellar Deals: Provari 2.5 – Dragon, Glow, ZenKote™ – $49.95


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Save Big on Provari 2.5 – Dragon, Glow-In-The-Dark, Gold ZenKote™ and more!


Let’s face it, not every vaper desires a hot, subohm vape at mega-wattages…. if you’re a moderate vaper who loves great flavor and superb quality at a terrific price, this is your deal!

A broad range of styles and colors is now available at DRASTICALLY reduced prices….. stupendous savings on the device that set the benchmark for variable voltage devices!

Some are simply clearance items, others are “Blems” – blemished items. We can assure of this…. a “Blem” simply means that it didn’t meet the incredibly high standards to be sold as a “first”. Most blem purchasers are hard pressed to even find the blemish!

The best part is that both regular sized and Provari minis are available, in a wide range of colors, with choices of LED and display colors… and you can also save big on highly sought non-blem models like the Limited Dragon Edition (this blogger LOVES hers!) and the stunning Gold ZenKote™ Edition. There’s even deals to be had on the gorgeous Glow-In-The-Dark “GloVari” Edition at only $49.95 each!

Don’t hesitate, because at these prices, these puppies will grow wings…

! <<



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Of course I had to go check and the price came down. Now those blem ProVari 2.5's are $29.95. Top it off they have the Provari jwraps under the accessories for :eek:$3


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Thanks for posting, grabbed a couple added a few batts & stuff. Didn't take much to get free shipping.

Ms. Trixy

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Just bought 2 of the dragon. The standard was sold out, but I liked the dragon better. 18650 also. Including the 510 hardware it was about $75 ea. One for me and one for Dad who has FINALLY decided to vape. LOL...still shopping.

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