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Goddness Themis---Coil Master Cobra Mech Mod


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Alright This is The Last One Mod,I Spend Two Days And Post Four Threads Here To Introduce Ya'll This New Series From Coil Master.Ok Let's See The Last One---Beautiful Cobra.
Coil Master Cobra Mech Mod

This hybrid mechanical mod has the same brass body and old school retro design aesthetics as the Themis mech mod. A hybrid 510 connection, copper contacts, and magnetic fire button with 6 venting holes ensure less voltage drop maximizing the potential of your vaping experience.

The innovative sleeve design features an imitation cobra skin crafted from brass. Using an exclusive and truly unique coating process the sleeve is able to withstand wear and damage that can occur from daily use, keeping your mod looking like new for longer. The “Cobra” mech is another high quality mech mod with looks and functionality to match.


§510 Hybrid Connection

§Magnetic fire button

§Old Bronze brass body

§Copper contact

§Imitation cobra skin sleeve

§Accepts single 18650 battery (Not Included)

Ok.Guess You Guys Take Careful Look At The Four Threads I Post of Coil Master Mech Mod Series,And I Believe That You All Have Some Thoughts Or Confusion About The 4 Mods,You Can Quote The Part You Don't Get It or You Can Check The Link Below To Get Further Info:
Coil Master Cobra Mech Mod - $59.99 - 1939 - Ave40

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