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Guidelines for safe transactions and forum disclaimers

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Guidelines for safe transactions
We suggest when you are making a deal such as a buy or sell, and/or trade that you use the buy or sell feature on the payment or selling source, like Pay Pal etc, and NEVER use a gift option, this will assure both parties will be liable for their transactions. E-Liquids that contain Nicotine may be a banned transaction when it comes to some payment sources such as Pay Pal etc, so you may not want to mention Nicotine liquids during the money correspondence process.

Co ops
Co ops never have a guarantee of anything, meaning you can lose your funds, never receive the product, receive a defective product, etc without you having any recourse. Please know the person running the group buy, and their reputation, or ask them for past references from vapers who will vouch for them on their behalf.

Forum disclaimers
The owners, admins, moderators, and all others who are part of running this forum are not, and will not be responsible or liable for your transactions, so please beware that these transactions are at your own risk.

How to post
Please start your post with either WTS (Want To Sell) or WTT (Want To Trade)
All items for sale or trade must have pictures included in the post, at least two pics.

Listing Price
You MUST list a selling price for each item or/and a package price if selling multiple items together.

As long as you post that your item is a clone you are fine.

Personal Information
Be sure to keep all personal information limited to private conversations. Do not publish your mailing address, phone number, etc. within the trading thread.

We recommend that you use a payment service that is verifiable such as PayPal or Amazon Payments. We discourage the use of cash unless you are going to do your trade in person locally.

Make sure to leave Feedback after your transaction is completed HERE. Be sure to follow the guidelines.

Pictures need to accompany each thread ad as proof of sale item/s

All other non vaping gear please go to eBay or Craigslist to sell or trade not here!

All parties Be of Legal Vaping Age in their perspective Home countries.

Please remember vapers when making any purchase from the Trading Post always use Pay Pal as a PURCHASE! NEVER Pay as a gift! You will have no recourse or protection from defective items or fraud. Even if you have to pay the sellers fees, it is worth the extra few bucks
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