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Hearing coming up on taxes and flavors here in New Mexico


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From the New Mexico Vaper's Alliance facebook page


Hello NMVA,

Today we were contacted by Gregory Conley, the president of AVA (AMERICAN VAPING ASSOCIATION) . Mr Conley notified us he would be flying out October 14th for a hearing with the state legislature and needs our help. He advised me that there is a very high possibility of tax and flavor ban if we do not stand strong and represent the vaping community. Just to get the ball rolling we need to get AT THE LEAST 150 Vapers, vendors and employees effected by vaping to please make time to get to sante fe. I will be approving his request to join the group in order for him to post updates and all the details as he is still gathering this information. Please first tag every shop owner and employee in this post then we will move on to tagging everyone else. We have close to 700 members in this group and I hope that aside from learning,teaching, blowing clouds and having fun we can also utilize this group to protect us from silly legislation that can keep us from enjoying our newfound health and lifesaving hobby

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You should contact Schell at the vapor bar, also CASAA

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