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Hello everyone, Pleasure to meet you :)


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I'm new to the forum but have been a vaper going on eight years. Had a 2 1/2 pack a day, Marlboro 100's habit before starting. Was able to quit cold as soon as I started. I also had a number of other habits to go along with smoking, unfortunately but have also been able to work on those as well. :) So now I'm strait as well as smoke free haha so vaping actually helped me to begin a life of living healthier in more than one way. I became an advocate for vaping as soon as I seen that we were going to have issues here in the United States. As I believed that in order to change things, I would have to do something by becoming active. So I am also involved with CASSA and many other groups as well. My name is Glenda so feel free to call me by such and hope to be able to get to know everyone as we go along and thanks for adding. :)


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Hi :wave: Welcome to the forum.


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:wave: To borrow from the great Minny Perl, "We're gonna play now!" Please ask not why I thought of that. My mind isn't right, left either. :) ;) Good to see you aboard.

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