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Help! Power button stuck

My power button on my box mod is stuck in. When I try to push it in it doesn't push in because it's stuck all the way down. What do I do!?


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Make sure you pull the battery out of it, if it's not a built in one, any chance you can contact the vendor who sold it to you?


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Knowing what mod it is would help a lot.

But I have a suspicion that it is one of the Istick series.

However, if you have a set of needle nose pliers, you could try to gently pull the button out.

Last resort if you can't return it, you could try Engineer's Thump.

Put some padding on a table and "Thump" the device on it in hopes that it dislodges the button.

Like I said, last resort!


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It's a bit worrying that he isn't replying to any comments hope he's ok.

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Siegel has also been known for auto fire easy to fix tutorials on YouTube

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