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Heather's Heavenly Vapes

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This Breaks Our Hearts
By now many of you have heard about the USPS shipping ban. Some of you know that vape products are now covered under the PACT Act with many, more stringent, regulatory requirements.

Up to now, we have met every regulatory compliance that has been required. We have fought hard for the rights of vapers. If there was a way for us to continue online sales, we would do it. Our government has chosen to set the regulatory hurdles too high for a small business like us.

Unfortunately, as of right now, it is not possible for us to continue online sales past March 21, 2021.

Our hearts are broken. What we hang onto that has kept us going is that through it all, you have all been here with us.

We can't begin to tell you how much your continuing support has meant to us. Adam and Heather started Heather's Heavenly Vapes out of a passionate desire to help others switch to vaping by making flavors you could enjoy. It's always been a family business, and you are part of that family.

Thank you for being with us for 9 incredible years.

Starting now, you can use the code THANKYOU for 15% savings on all e-liquids.

Our online store will close at midnight (Eastern) on March 21, 2021. Every order is hand-mixed, and we'll need time to fill orders and ship before the cutoff date.

Our flavoring supplies are limited and there is uncertainty about the ability to replenish. We will update our site to let you know if any flavors are sold out.

Our brick and mortar shop in Newnan, GA is going to remain open for as long as possible. If you're ever in town, we sure hope you'll stop by!

Vaping has faced constant hurdles and managed to find a way to survive. If anything changes to make online sales feasible, we will do all we can to be here for you.

With love and gratitude,

Heather, Adam, Emily, Danny, Alycia, Robbie, Kristen, Lori and Jannet

Local Vape Shops and Wholesale

We do have a wholesale program for brick and mortar shops to carry our e-liquids. If you have a vape shop near you, please let them know you'd like them to offer HHV. Let them know they can contact us at [email protected].

CASAA Call To Action
The USPS Vape Mail Ban comment period opened on February 22 and will remain open until March 22, 2021. Read CASAA's Call to Action page here.

It's unlikely to change the outcome or alter the policy. It is an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Heather's Heavenly Vapes

VU Vendor
VU Vendor
Member For 4 Years


Our online store closes at midnight (Eastern) on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Use code: THANKYOU for 15% savings on all e-liquids.​

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