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Holy Custard

Howard Hughes

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I've made several custards over the years & probably will continue to, but this one I thought I should definitely share. The ingredients are all top notch & I love the taste, but it had me a little worried because it took so long to come around. It needs between 4 & 5 weeks to steep. Up until then I was toying with the idea of increasing the overall percentage on another version, but I'm good on where it's at now.

3.5% DIYFS Holy Vanilla
.5% CAP Super Sweet
2.5% FLV Vanilla Custard
3% CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream
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Oh, yeah, baby! I have one named Holy Custard, as well! Lol! I think it’s a prerequisite when you have Holy Vanilla in it. Mines more of a bakery type custard, but this definitely looks like a great base.

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