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How many others use njoy disposable tanks?


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I tried many of the newer kits by joyetech, Kangertech, Eleaf, as well as cigalikes and juuls. I have a collection of tanks, mods and associated paraphernalia over the past three years and I have settled on NDT as my weapon of choice. No coils to worry about, no problem with cleaning, No questions about adjustments. I use the GS ego 3200 battery and get pretty good taste with no hassle. Since I am attempting to go nicotine free. I do back it up with Joyetech penguins with a zero nicotine blend. Again I like to avoid the hassle.

A tank lasts me about a day and a half of heavy vaping and now they sell two of their flavors, iced fruit and peach tea, at half price of $2.99.

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