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How to Deal with Burning Taste?


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Lately, World Cup is burning. This is world celebration. For some ball enthusiast, beer and vaping accomany them to cheer up together. But there is one world vaping puzzle. Burning hit is always felt while chain vaping. Why the coil is burning when chain vaping? I will give you the scientific explanation.


The Ratio of VG is too High

(VAPECCINO's Review from Vaping Expert--Indoorsmokers)

E-juice is the mixture used in vapor products such as e-cigarettes and generally consist of propylene glycol(PG), vegetable glycerin(VG), nicotine, water and flavorings. Vaping world emphasized that the higher VG it is, the weaker fluidity it is. Provided the higher VG is refilled into atomizer in a pod mod, it is hard to transfer the juice into the cotton effectively, which is easily to make the cotton burnt automatically without any liquid, and cause burning taste at a shorter time.

The Accumulated Carbides Gluing to Coil Cause Burning Taste


As we know above, juice contains flavorings which involves organism. Once the organism reacts with oxygen, it will decompose the carbides and then glue to the surface of coil. As chain vaping, it will create more carbides and be clinged to it, which will weaken vapor taste and smaller vapor. What’s more, accumulated carbides are easily to be transfered to cotton, causing burning taste because it can’t deliver juice well. In order to add sweetness for vaping requirement, sometimes, sugar would be blended into the juice, which will increase much more organism to the juice. As a result, more carbides will glue to the coil.

Above at all, the burning hit not only weakens the taste, but shorten the atomizer’s life. So the coil needed to be replaced frequently when chain vaping.

How to Deal with these Problems? VAPECCINO Lists Three Solutions

Vaping Expert Solution


The higher sugar it is, the more carbides they are. We can vape juice with less or no sugar to decrease the carbides productions. But the coil still needed to be replace every half a mouth. This is world vaping solution.


1. GCT Solution


VAPECCINO MATE 1 is the initial product adopting GCT in the world. GCT, an advanced Nano tech, presents strong antioxidation, and keeps high cleanness by preventing ejuice's carbides from gluing to coil, so that it prolongs vaporizer lifespan and for purer taste.The next puff is always like the first. You need to replace it every half a mouth, but any juice with different sugar level supports.

2. Ceramic Pod Solution


MATE1 designed another pod to cope with burning issue. Adopt ceramics as heating element, with high-temp resistance and heat without any burnt taste. Without the media of cotton, it also supports high-VG juice for bigger vapor and dry burning.

Apart from them, VAPECCINO suggests that the nic salt juice can be vaporize perfectly at pod mod, but chain nic-salt vaping is not recommended when watching world cup, becasue maybe you don’t care how much nicotine you inhaled at the exciting moments, and the throat hit is super strong.


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