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How to Get Your Awesome Vape Coils?


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How to Get Your Awesome Vape Coils?

Most advanced vapors prefer to build Vape coil by their self. First of all, you should have Accurately ohms reader.

Accurately ohms reader

Having the ability to accurately and instantly measure your ohms resistance on the coils you build is not only a matter of quality and accuracy but a matter of safety. It’s time to dig into Ohm readers and see what you like.

Source: Wellon Transformer Box Mod with Awesome Coil

Wellon Coil Ensure your Transformer with High Performance

This cylinder-shaped coil is with thread on the top of coil.

You need to screw it on the connector instead of the atomizer base.

This is an extra process to make sure the device is with 0 leakage.

Learn more Transformer Tank Coil info at

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