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How to Join Wellon Vape Review Program?


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Hi Vapers,

Whether you're a new vaper or an old veteran vaper, Vaping is a way of lifestyle that can be learned.
This thread we will introduce Wellon Vape Reviewer Program.
Here we go, keep on vaping and just one kiss & enjoy a great vape.

Wellon Vape Reviewer Program Introduce
We( are looking for Vape reviewers.
Wellon will release some new Vape gears near future on the market, include but not limited Pod Vape Kit, Box Mod, Sub Ohm Tanks etc.
So, we need you guys help us review those new items.
In this way, we can ensure that the products we release pass at least a certain level of approval from high or expert vapers.

>>>Click this link to fill out your vape review application

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