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I'd like to get my first refillable pod system


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I picked up a Juul a few weeks ago and love using it with the cool mint flavor. However, I'd like to get a pod setup that is refillable so I can vape cheaper. After looking around, I think I'm keen on the Suorin Air. Main concern I've heard with it though is last year P Bussardo complained that the auto switch on it wasn't the greatest. Not sure if they've fixed that.

I would do the Wismec MyJet but filling and replacing the coil on that thing look like a pain to me. Any recommendation? Just looking for something refillable, easy and that vapes well.

Lastly, any advice on juices to get that will be along the lines of the cool mint offered by Juul. I used to smoke menthol so I'm found of those kinds of flavors. Thanks and vape on!


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I highly recommend the aspire breeze. Even the staff at a few local vape shops I go to use the breeze. You don't have to buy separate pods so refilling it is easy. It's also easy to change the coils and the coils are super cheap! It's been 3 weeks and I still haven't had to change my coil (but then again I usually use my heavy duty mod and just use my breeze when I vape my nic salts). The reason why I recommend the aspire breeze is because you're not limited to just buying pods like you would with the Juul. You can literally use any juice. When you buy a pod system that you have to buy pods each time it gets expensive but there also isn't a lot of variety and options when it comes to juice. Also the breeze isn't expensive at all. I bought mine online for $18 and the vape shop near my house sells it for $29. The coils only cost $13 for a pack of 5. You're definitely saving a lot of money with the breeze and you have the luxury of using any juice you want.


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I just got back (away 3 years)to vaping was using 18650 mod platform so I got a Lost Vape orion Plus and love it! DNA chip/board, VW, great LiPo batt, replace coil (good price) only easy refill, not nary a drip. Batt meter, Replay etc. Stellar


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