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In Stock! Vsticking VKsma Kit with SMI RADA Atomizer


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Coupon Code: XMAS25
Time: 16,12 - 31,12

Brand: Vsticking
Product Name: Vsticking VKsma Kit
Type: Vape Kit
Color: Zigzag silver, Coral silver, Carbon GunMetal, Diamond GunMetal, Skull Black, Flame Black, Leather Black, Suede Black

Vsticking VKsma Kit is powered by a 1400mAh battery for longer vaping needs. It comes with an automatic bottom filling system for easy operation. Vsticking VKsma is compatible with two atomizers, VKsma Auto Dripping Atomizer (ADA) and VKsma Rebuildable Auto Dripping Atomizer (RADA) for your selection. Moreover, it features the AUTO MODE and DIY MODE.

Features of Vsticking VKsma Kit
➤ Automatica bottom refilling design
➤ Large 1400mAh internal battery
➤ Adjustable airflow system
➤ Portable DIY Kit with Yihi chipset

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