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Innokin Axiom RTA

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===Innokin Axiom RTA===

SubOhm tanks. Theres a lot of them out there thesedays. Innokin have had a lot of success with the iSub ranges of tanks, from the original iSub to the latest iSub V and V-E versions. So this latest tanks, the Innokin Axiom, came as a surprise when i seen it because it's a complete departure from any of the subohm tanks that Innokin have released before. A direct competitor to the Moonshot styles of tanks, how does it perform? Lets find out...


Unboxing - 2:28
Innokin Axiom - 4:43
The Stock Coil - 7:32
Rebuildable Head - 14:31
Coiling - 17:22
Wicking - 19:48
Vape and thoughts - 23:06

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