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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the MVP5 120W TC Box MOD 5200mAh from Innokin. The Innokin MVP5 120W TC Box MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.


Innokin were one of the pioneers of mainstream vaping products and along with Aspire have possibly been more responsible for people giving up the stinkies than any other vaping manufacturer. Innokin even after all this time are still releasing products that are at the forefront of vaping technology and performance and here we have the 5th generation of the MVP.
The MVP whichever version has always been a rugged, made to last device that offers something just a little different to other devices being released around the same time. The MVP5 has took that concept to the next level being the ultimate out and about vaping companion. As well as all the latest vaping features the MVP5 also features a flashlight, compass, barometer, Altimeter and thermometer ideal for those hill climbers and adventurers.
I have been using the MVP5 for quite a while now and it's one of those devices i am enjoying that much i will continue to use, but it's now time to give my thoughts!


In The Box


1 x Innokin MVP5 MOD
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable/wrist band
1 x User Manual
1 x Warning and safety Booklet


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The MVP5 came in the usual Innokin cardboard drawer type packaging their products tend to come in, and once opened the very nice looking device (in my opinion) is on show in the top tray. I received the Forest version, the options are White, Sand, Forest, Black or Grey.

The MVP5 doesn't come like the Aegis devices with an IP67 rating but is without doubt very rugged and made to withstand the outside elements. Both top and base are very shiny and Zinc Alloy also the top section of the body is also Zinc Alloy while the main lower body section is Aluminium to keep the device as light as possible, we then have a protective grippy coating over the entire body surface.

On one side of the device we have "MVP5" carved into the Zinc Alloy top section while the lower section as a corrugated effect and triangular resin panel, we also have a little plaque bottom right which shows a mountain range to show the device comes into it's own while using outdoors. The opposite side has "INNOKIN" carved into the upper Zinc Allow and again a corrugated effect on the lower section with triangular resin panel.

The face has a shiny Octagon shaped large fire button top which is concave for comfort and protrudes nicely. At the bottom we have more geometrically shaped buttons in the form of the navigational buttons and mode button between, between the fire button at the top and bottom buttons we have a very large colour screen. The Spine of the device has a rail top for fitting the included wristband/USB cable and towards the bottom we have a type C USB port which has a bung inserted to protect it from the elements.

On the base as well as printed branding and safety marks we have the push pad for switching the flashlight on and off and another bung this time protecting a type A USB port for using the device as a power bank. Up top we have a 510 plate to one side with Gold plated, spring loaded 510 and to the opposite side a large flashlight.

The device is very boxy so not the most ergonomic but i am finding it a nice weight being quite substantial while not too heavy. The device is very well put together, i have no complaints about it's build quality whatsoever.


MVP5 Specs and Features:

Battery capacity: 5200mAh /3.7V
Wattage Range: 6-120W
Voltage Max: 7.5V
Display: 1.14-inch Colour Screen
Cut off time: 3-18sec
Max Output current: 35A
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm
Thread Type: 510
Charging Current: 5V 2A
5th generation of the legendary MVP
120W with temperature control
5200mAh USB output power bank function
Flashlight function and a sensor suite with a compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter
Large 1.14-inch vivid colour screen with easy-to-use UI
Colours: White, Sand, Forest, Black, Grey


The Display

The display is very sharp and the brightness is reasonable with also the option of adjusting in the menu system but it does have a tinted cover which works well on one level as it stops any glare but not too sure how visible the display will be in bright sunlight. Whenever i took the device outdoors i had no issues with the display but as i haven't seen the sun in a few weeks a cloudy day isn't a real test.

The display is very uncluttered with only the minimum information on show which will be to a lot of peoples preference. Central top we have the time and underneath this a large elongated battery status bar but no status given as a percentage. Then we have a circular design which accommodates the wattage then underneath the time of your present puff. Underneath the circular design to the left we have the pre-heat and to the right the resistant, finally central bottom of the display is the mode.

When in TC mode the working screen is obviously slightly different displaying temperature instead of wattage for example but the information is displayed in a very similar way.


Navigating The MPV5

Like many Innokin products the device is 3 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 3 clicks to turn off. Once on we have some combination key press features which firstly is both navigational buttons together dims the screen then repeating brings the screen back to the original brightness. Mode and up together displays a padlock to the right of the display underneath the battery status bar which means the whole device is locked and it will not fire, again repeating unlocks the device. The final combination key press feature is down and mode together brings up an information screen and again repeat to go back to the working screen. The device doesn't have a feature to lock just the navigational buttons but doesn't really need it as they need to be activated to use. To activate the navigational buttons to change wattage or temperature (depending which mode you are using) you need to long press either button until the wattage or temperature blinks, it can then be altered in the usual way (wattage adjusts in 0.5W increments all the way up to 120W).

To enter the menu is 3 clicks of the mode button which brings up your main menu screen which is a list of options. The list comprises of Wattage, TC Mode, Cutoff, Puffs, Display, Sensors, System and Exit.

Exit obviously takes you back to the working screen and system is where you can alter the clock, set a passkey and find out both the ID of your device and firmware version. Display allows you to customise the display using a bar palette to change the colour of certain items on the screen, Display is also where we can change the screens brightness and timeout. Puffs is where we can find both how many puffs we have taken in total and how many on the current day and also both can be reset to Zero, you will have to go some to clock this puff counter as it starts on 000000000. Finally before going through Wattage and TC Mode we have cutoff which allows you to choose the limit of the length of a puff.

When choosing Wattage we get another list comprising of Normal, Boost, Soft, Ajax, Z-Coil, Curve and back. Normal, Boost, and Soft are the usual pre-heat options we find on most devices and curve features 4 memory slots with pre-installed curves which can be altered to your own preference. Ajax and Z-coil are interesting features which basically when one of them is activated it only allows you to stay within the wattage parameters that suit the coils. Really you don't need an Innokin tank to make use of these features they can just be treated as a DL and MTL feature as the wattage parameters will suit many different tanks.

When choosing TC Mode we get another list comprising of SS316L, Titanium, Ni200, TCR, Temp unit and back. The only other feature in the menu system is Sensors which i will cover in the next section. Despite this being a real bells and whistles device the menu system flows nicely and is very user friendly, despite each screen having a back option because mode is select rather than fire, pressing the fire button at any time takes you back to the working screen.


Review Continued Below:


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Review Continued:


The Sensors feature is really neat and one of the standout things about the MVP5, if they don't interest you that's fine but rather than whinging "There's no place for this on a device, a vaping device should just allow you to vape and that's it because i'm a bore who bores everyone around me who are sick of me constantly whinging" i don't really understand why you would read and comment on something that isn't for you but no doubt some familiar member on at least one forum will have the same old record stuck whinge.

My view is added features that give the device added uses can be of benefit to some and doing no harm to others and personally i really believe this is a neat piece of kit for those into hill climbing and similar outdoor pursuits.

When first selecting the Sensors where the compass should be displayed we have a graphic which moves in a figure of 8 while calibrating, you need to just move the device about for a few seconds for it to calibrate and then the compass appears.

The features are a digital displayed Compass, a Thermometer, a Barometer and an Altimeter, i just can't stop having a play.


The Flashlight

I have a flashlight on a few devices but it's the most impressive on the MVP5, it can be found on the top of the device the opposite side to the 510 plate and the same size. On the base of the device we have a pad that can be pressed to turn the flashlight on, this automatically brings up the flash light screen on the display that allows you to choose various modes.

With the flashlight on using the display we can choose brightness between 3 different settings max, mid and min. As well as steady on we have 3 more modes which are SOS, Beacon and Strobe. Also at the bottom of the display it tells you how long the battery will last if you leave the flashlight on, this will be different depending on the brightness or mode you are using.

To turn the flashlight off either press the pad again on the base of the device or press the fire button, you can't vape and have the flashlight on at the same time.


Power Bank

The MVP5 also next to the flashlight on/off pad has a hidden type A USB so can be used as a Power Bank for charging a smart phone for example. You need to lift up the bung to reveal the port and then plug in, while you are charging an external device on the screen it displays the Amps out, total mAh on the charging device and how much time it will take to fully charge, you can also vape while using as a Power bank.


Charging the Device

The MVP5 uses a type C USB and supports 2A charging. Again like the type A USB for using the device for a Power Bank the type C USB port has a bung that needs pulling out and downwards to fit the USB cable.

The USB cable you receive can fit on the device and be used as a wrist band (not big enough to wear around the neck), these lanyard/USB C dual purpose inclusions are nice and now getting quite common (which is a good thing, they are neat), this is the third device i have received recently having one.

While charging the display tells you the Amp of the charge and also time remaining for the device to be fully charged. I found the device fully charged in just less than 3 hours which for a 5200mAh battery is very good! The device does support pass-through.


My Thoughts and Performance

Firstly i do not have access to data so simply review devices based on my user experience. I am not a big TC user but as i had a couple of atty's with SS builds in them i did give the MVP5 a quick try in TC and it gave a smooth vape and passed the dry burning test so if you are a TC user it might be worth checking out a review that fully covers the device in TC mode.

With the device being a 120W device i did brave the upper limits and coped very well as it seems a bit underpowered giving about 100W max. After saying that no other complaints when it comes to performance, it fires instantly with impressive ramp up and all wattage's below 100W seemed accurate to me. One thing to note is the 510 plate sits absolutely flush so over time the surface around the 510 plate will get scuff marks.

There is so much to like, the curve feature is both done and works particularly well and especially for newer vapers i love the Ajax and Z-Coils wattage parameter features which can be used for other tanks that are best at similar wattage's.

Apart from the Flashlight that i have already found useful on a couple of occasions and is done much better on this device than a flashlight has been done before on other device's would i actually have use for a Compass, Thermometer, Barometer or Altimeter, and the answer would be no. But although they are not of use to me i still find myself having a play and love the Sensor feature being on the device as they are always going to be there just in case as you never know. Although i don't need the Sensor features i can see this being a neat piece of kit for those outdoor lovers that like hill climbing or camping etc.

The battery life is really good and charging in 3 hours for such a large battery is very good as is the inclusion of a Type C port but the obvious drawback is if this took external batteries you could just chuck a couple more batteries in and off you go. The MVP5 will accommodate up to 25mm atty's up top without overhang so all your 22mm and 24mm will fit fine and finally it's fully firmware upgradeable.



The MVP devices have always stood for reliability, durability and versatility. From my experience using the device the MVP5 has stayed true to these concepts while taking the versatility to the next level.



Very well made
Protective grippy coating
Feels substantial without being too heavy
5 Colour options
Very large colour display
Performed well in power mode up to 100W (slightly underpowered)
Fires instantly with impressive ramp up
TC seemed fine (but i'm a novice at best)
Curve feature executed well
Like Ajax and Z-coils wattage parameter features (can just be used as DL & MTL for similar tanks)
Adjusts in 0.5W increments
Flashlight with 6 modes including SOS, Beacon and Strobe
Sensor feature includes:
Digital Compass
Power Bank (Type A port protected with bung)
Good feedback while charging other devices
Battery life very good
Type C port (protected with bung) 2A charging
Charges within 3 hours
5200mAh internal battery (pro for some con for me)
Excellent UI
Menu flows nicely aided by mode button
Display can be customised
25mm atty's without overhang
Fully firmware upgradeable


Seemed slightly underpowered (my gut feeling from using it)
Not the most ergonomic and quite large
Internal battery (can't just switch batteries but need to charge) Con for me not for others
Display has tinted screen which may effect vision in bright sunlight (couldn't test but usually tinted screens don't fair well with bright sunlight)
510 plate sits flush (will get scuff marks over time)

I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Innokin MVP5 120W TC Box MOD for the purpose of this review.

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