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Innokin Oceanus Ampking Battery's safety


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Hi all!
Please keep in mind I'm the biggest hypochondriac ever so please tell me if I'm being irrational...
I basically dropped my battery and when the battery was in my bag it might've taken some hits.
So I'm worried it's going to leak something on me and burn my skin and yeah... My finger tips kinda felt stingy tingly or had a burning sensation but I don't know if it was my anxiety because I don't see any damage or anything..
They are ampking AK3030 High drain rechargeable lithium 3.7 v 11.10wh 20700 batteries.
Also IT SAYS DO NOT OVERCHARGE.. does that mean I have to stare at my vape and take the charger out of the mod right before it finishes?
I'm a noob who's paranoid all the time so someone please give me a peace of mind!!!!!!
Thanks all!!!

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