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Hi all,

We would like to introduce ourselves! Driptipit is a US based company, located in the northeast New England.

Our site is

As vaping enthusiasts, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a varied & unique selection of quality drip tips at affordable prices.

We love our range of drip tips as each style and/or material of tip offers a very different vape experience.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $10, and currently have a coupon for 10% OFF ALL DRIP TIPS. (code "10tips" at checkout)

Feel free to check out our site and give us feedback! Our selection is still quite small as of right now, as we strive to have every conceivable drip tip in stock - including premium USA designer tips.

Please let us know what drip tips you want in stock - WE WILL GET THEM!

Thanks for your time, and vape on!

-Driptipit Team
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Id like to see nice blown glass type tips and the really cool looking swirled up color plastic tips. And instead of charging $30+ for a damn tiny piece of glass or plastic like they do under the guise of "premium", charge a reasonable amount for it.

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