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JayBo RX200 issues

Does anyone know how to fix this, my vape is pretty old and I went to charge it and the charger won’t go all the way in and it’s really loose I checked and there’s nothing blocking it, it seems really empty besides the piece that goes into the charger, it’s an issue with the charging port on it, I think a piece fell out or something, I can’t take it anywhere due to insufficient funds, and I don’t want to get a new vape. (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place I’m still confused)


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Is it the DNA rx?

Wither way, its usually best to use a standalone charger rather than plugging the mod in to charge.
You can get a new charger for under 20$


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Yes relying on a USB port as a primary source of charging point is just asking for Unnecessary wear and tear. Really only designed to update operating systems. Was never designed 4 regular recharging. You may just have to purchase an external charger and Hope updating the operating systems does not ever become necessary as the USB port is probably history. Very surprised the individual who sold you the mod did not go over charging protocol with you. But then again maybe I'm not really that surprised as they probably just wanted the sale. Then again who knows. Sorry you were having issues. Perhaps you can replace the USB port.


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Honestly an old jaybo wouldn't be worth trying to change the port. They shouldn't even call it a charging port. Accidents can happen at the worst times. Like if you happen to charge over night while asleep and the mod accidentally let's the batteries over charge. Could start a fire. Definitely don't want that to happen ever but while asleep could be a death sentence. Keeping the jaybo is possible but I would definitely look into a new mod. And make sure you shop online you'd be suprised at the price difference from online to b&m stores. Doesn't have to be super expensive but a back up almost necessary.

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