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Jellyfish Cotton - VAPJOY


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at my cotton of choice Jellyfish from VAPJOY.

Why A Cotton Review?

I have tried many brands of cotton and really would buy what ever was on offer as they pretty much all performed the same. Then i got a packet of Jellyfish and since i wouldn't buy anything else so i thought it was worth giving my opinion in a little review.

The Benefits of Jellyfish

With other cotton it gives off a taste, more so when you first do a build but some of the better cotton i have used you do lose the taste after a short time but with Jellyfish i don't get any cotton taste whatsoever which means i'm getting better flavour from my juice in a build from the off.

Another benefit is the flavour seems to last longer than when I've used other cotton.
Jellyfish seems to wick very well.

The last benefit I have found is that dreaded dry hit when i don't notice my juice is low, with other cotton after just a couple of dry hits i get a burnt taste from which there is no recovery. Jellyfish seems to withstand more dry hits before getting a burnt taste and the couple of times i did get a bit of a burn't taste once liquid was applied the taste made a full recovery with no lasting burnt taste.

Why I Will Stick With Jellyfish

Because i test a lot of RDA's and RTA's with fresh builds and one of the most important things is giving my opinion about the flavour you get from the product, finding a cotton that gives no taste is a godsend to me.
When i'm vaping for pleasure and not testing product i'm just like any other vaper wanting lasting flavour, i get far better results since using Jellyfish cotton.

The Geekvape Zeus with a build using Jellyfish equals long lasting great flavour.


No noticeable taste
Wicks well
Withstands more dry hits
Have known it recover from burnt hits

I get my Jellyfish from Chinese vendors, last time it was from Gearbest and i know Fasttech and Everzon also sell it but i do have some links to UK vendors and people from other countries obviously can check for availability or get from China or the UK.

The Crazy Wire Company
Superior Vapour sell link:

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